two seniors on a couch during the wintertime

Old Man Winter? We Don’t See Him Much Around Here

While other cities are digging out from snowstorms and dealing with sleet and hail, Savannah enjoys mild winters and pleasant temperatures from November through March. Because it rarely gets below freezing, there’s little worry about ice on sidewalks and roads, and the last two times  it snowed were in 2018 and 1996. Additionally, Savannah is rarely dreary and gray like other cities. The sun shines for an average of 216 days of the year — higher than the U.S. average.

Flipping the Script

The Marshes residents appreciate Savannah’s climate for the retirement lifestyle it provides. In fact, many of them have “flipped the script”: They’re “reverse snowbirds,” enjoying our senior living community during the balmy winters and heading north to cooler climes in the summer.

While you might need a sweater for al fresco dining on the terrace, you’ll never get a chilly reception at The Marshes. And the only ice you’ll see is in a cocktail shaker wielded by our friendly bartender. Here are other reasons winter is one of the best times to enjoy senior independent living at The Marshes:

Warm Up to Delicious Dining

There’s no need to leave our senior living community in search of great dining. And you can ditch the hassle of preparing, cooking and cleanup when you want a warm meal in the wintertime. Winter menus at The Marshes include an array of award-winning chef-prepared cuisine, including piping hot soups, classic comfort food and seasonal favorites. Whether you’re in the mood for carry-out, home delivery, or you’re meeting friends for a glass of wine by one of our beautiful fireplaces, you can count on attentive staff who know your preferences. The mild Savannah weather makes al fresco dining on the patio a wonderful choice too.

“The first night you go to the dining room,

the waitstaff knows your name.”

 Mary Ellen Fox, resident

Get Fired Up with Fun Activities

Wintertime isn’t downtime at The Marshes. The calendar of social activities is full all year round. Try aqua fitness in our indoor heated pool or a yoga class in the exercise room. Join a resident club like the gardening group at the community greenhouse. Engage in friendly competition in the card and game rooms. Or head out with the pooch for a stroll around campus. You can count on a good time with your sociable neighbors at festive parties, fundraisers, performances and much more.

“There is absolutely nothing there

they haven’t thought of,

 and if you think of something,

 they’re willing to listen and explore it.”

 Lily Eide, resident

Glow with Health and Happiness

Even when the weather isn’t cooperating, you can keep up your fitness routine indoors with the array of fitness and wellness programs we offer. And The Marshes’ idyllic location provides plenty of opportunities to stay active outdoors on mild winter days. Our scenic paths and flat trails are safe for seniors, and provide plenty of variety for daily walks. We’re also close to Skidaway Island State Park with its spectacular nature trails winding through lush forests and serene salt marshes. 

“When you cross the bridge,

 the beauty of this place

 just all of a sudden hits you.”

Carol Diver, resident

Snuggle into Maintenance-free Living

With entrance fees for cottages, townhomes and apartment villas priced from $320,000, moving to senior living at The Marshes of Skidaway Island can be your perfect winter sanctuary. These luxurious residences are maintenance-free, a lifestyle choice that means even if it does snow, or there’s a layer of frost on a sidewalk, you won’t have to lift a finger. Our professional groundskeeping crew will take care of it instantly. Housekeeping, personal laundry services, dining, a continuum of care that includes assisted living and rehabilitation — everything here is designed to make your life a breeze. Plus, when you’re ready to travel, just lock up and go. With 24/7 security, centrally monitored smoke and fire alarms in your residence, and security checks of your home while you’re away, home security worries are a thing of the past.

“It’s more than four walls and a house.

It’s a place where you can feel comfortable

and know you belong.”

 Isabel Heller, resident

Warm up to Wonderful People

Many people don’t want to leave their homes in the winter because of the cold, but socializing with others always leads  to a better quality of life. At a senior living community like The Marshes, you won’t ever feel isolated or lonely. You’re surrounded with a built-in network of neighbors and friends. You’ll meet active, engaged people who share your interests and are intent on making the most of life every day of the year.

“I expected to like it. I was surprised at how soon

I felt like this was home. It was largely because of the

welcoming and really fun, interesting people here.”

 Elizabeth Sprague, resident.

The Marshes of Skidaway Island — Not Just for Winter Anymore

Venture inside the walls of our thriving senior living community. You’ll be embraced with a warm welcome, exceptional hospitality and genuine friendship. See it for yourself through our resident blogs. Our engaging lifestyle will put a smile on your face this winter, and all year round. Contact us to learn more at 1-866-306-5529.