Senior woman working with a physical therapist

While falling is not an inevitable part of aging, it’s a fact that 1 in 4 Americans ages 65+ will suffer from a fall annually. Falls are the leading cause of injury and the most common cause of hospital admissions among older adults. They lead to a variety of health issues like broken hips, other broken bones, head trauma and dizziness.

Recovery after a fall comes with unique challenges. Rehabilitation for seniors can last several days during the hospital stay. A medical team, which may include physical and occupational therapists, will make sure seniors can get out of bed on their own, manage their pain, walk with an assistive device, and manage their own self-care. However, more intensive senior rehabilitation may be needed for an older adult to return home and be safely independent. This is where a rehabilitation center can offer a safe and supportive environment for healing to take place. During a short-term rehabilitation stay, seniors recover at their own pace, benefiting from specialized treatment and therapies tailored for their recovery. 

Helpful Healing: What to Expect

A short-term stay in a rehabilitation center can last anywhere from a few days to about a month. If the injury is more severe, a long-term stay may be needed, and long-term care can last as long as a few months. 

While in rehab for fall recovery, you can expect:

Detailed planning: Seniors who fall once are more likely to fall again, with the chance of a repeat fall doubling. This can cause someone to fear falling, and as a result, limit their activities. It can contribute to further physical decline and feelings of helplessness. At our health care center, The Oaks, our therapy team will conduct a physical evaluation as well as learn your medical and fall history. You’ll have a plan of care and prevention tips that can help reduce your risk of a future fall.

Top-notch treatment: Once our team understands the extent of your injury, they’ll know how to restore the independence you’re accustomed to. They’ll customize a treatment plan that consists of physical or occupational therapy, or a combination of both. Physical therapy is designed to help improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, while occupational therapy ensures you are able to successfully perform activities of daily living. We are also one of the few communities in the area to offer aqua therapies as part of senior rehabilitation. The rehab program in a fully heated indoor pool reduces impact on your joints while supporting a full range of motion for maximum benefits. Therapy services are available to all our residents in the comfort of their own homes or in our fully equipped gym.

Long-term safeguards. The last step in fall recovery involves an assessment of your home by our occupational therapist. They are trained to take note of potentially unsafe situations you may be unaware of and advise you of proper modifications. For example, adding grab bars in the bathroom, removing throw rugs and low furniture, or adding more lighting. A few extra precautions will go a long way toward preventing a future fall.

Good News

With proper senior rehabilitation after a fall, it’s highly likely you can return to living as independently as you were prior to your injury. You’ll feel more confident and may find that daily tasks are even easier to complete than before.

At The Marshes of Skidaway Island, comprehensive inpatient and outpatient senior rehabilitation are available right in our health care center, The Oaks. With one-on-one treatment from our licensed professionals, you can be assured of enjoying the highest quality of life possible after a fall. Contact us today to learn more about our health services or to schedule a tour.