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We lived at The Landings and I was thinking ahead, since I could see my husband’s health was declining. I particularly appreciated the fact that we had the right to turn down vacancies at The Marshes as they became available three times without losing our place on the list. We did not drop our Club Membership and were able to still enjoy golf and all of The Landings amenities. My husband did have time to enjoy his life here – particularly the food and desserts! – before he passed away. Now that I am widowed, I have retained my Landings Social Membership. I feel I did not have to give up anything about my “old” life but have gained much instead in terms of all my new Marshes friends and activities. The thought I’d like to pass on is that it is better to arrive here sooner rather than later. A couple of the many things I love about The Marshes is that I no longer have to cook and can play bridge to my heart’s content.

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I checked out 4 senior communities, three in Savannah and one in Athens, GA. The Marshes impressed me because of the natural beauty which surrounds it. At the time I was a great walker and I used the trails in the State Park frequently. Now I am a regular at the 9:30 a.m. resident-led (DVD) advanced aerobics classes. It’s so convenient to have The Village next door, with the supermarket and service shops. Even a vet for my little cat, Sophie! The Marshes population is mostly very active; we see each other in the hallways all the time and everyone seems to have a busy schedule with all the activities here and socializing in the Dining Room.

Marion McKenna

Born and Raised in Savannah


It was my children who suggested that The Marshes would be a wonderful local option for my later years. Having been a very active participant in many community activities, I now continue to pursue my interests by taking part in the many activities offered at The Marshes: water aerobics, stretch & balance classes, lectures, music programs, and group outings. I recently made my commitment to a fun and busy life “official” by agreeing to chair the Life Community Services committee – watch out, sky’s the limit now!

Ellen Byck, a Savannah transplant of 67 years


Once I was retired I was on the SHALSI Board for six years, four of them as President. This gave me knowledge of the inner workings of this community as well as the opportunity to visit others. The Marshes always came out on top in every important aspect. Thus, we chose it when the time came and are happily ensconced in this well run and dynamic community.

Wally Smith, former Landings resident


We are native Savannahians who moved away for business and returned to the Coffee Bluff area to retire. We chose to attend a church at The Village on Skidaway Island (there seems to be a church there for every denomination) and made many friends some of whom were residents of The Marshes. The transition to this retirement community has been seamless; finding friendly, helpful neighbors and employees. Assistance is available and life without the necessary care of a house has been stress-free! What is not to love?

Alec and Terry Benson

Having never lived in an “adult apartment complex”, I was less than enthusiastic when presented with this idea, in a retirement community. My image of a “college dormitory” existence was totally unfounded! Individual privacy is respected and all of the neighbors are lovely. All of the amenities are available when desired. You can pick and choose and keep yourself as busy or as free of any commitments as you like. It’s a wonderful life!

M.J. Larned,

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