A group of people on a bus giving thumbs up.

“Beyond Van Gogh” – The Immersive Experience


“A very special new experience.”

“This would be perfect to introduce the grandchildren to art.”

“I was transported to a place of beauty and calm.”

“I felt I was seeing the world through the artist’s eyes.”

“The music and otherworldly spoken words combined so well with the colors and images.”

“My favorite part was when the almond blossoms started to float all around.”

“Mine was when the crows came to life over the wheat field.”


The Restaurants – Snobs, High Cotton, Magnolia

“A whole other level of food, circus and atmosphere.”

“I don’t think I can ever eat in Savannah again.”


The Hotel – Frances Marion Hotel

“What a lovely, gracious lobby.”

“The avocado toast at the Swamp Fox Restaurant was to die for.”

“Super clean rooms and attentive staff.”


Excursion – Visit to the SS Yorktown

“One of the residents is actually a former Top Gun and was an amazing tour guide. He even showed us some of the planes he piloted himself. Max made the excursion a treat!”


Ebenezer Creek Paddle Outings

“This was our second kayak experience with The Marshes and we LOVED it!  Can’t wait for the next one!  We’re not experienced kayakers, but Ebenezer Creek is so beautiful and easy to navigate that it wasn’t a problem.  And the guides were especially helpful and knowledgeable about the area.  You might get a bit wet from your own paddle, but that’s part of the fun!”

“A whole busful of us went with staff from Community Life Services so we had good support and it made the whole day very easy. Before that, I had my doubts because I hadn’t been in a kayak in decades!”

“The area is lovely, very different. There is so much history there and the guides made it come to life. The water is black, and lined with cypress trees on both sides. There are lots of wildlife. It was easy to paddle because there was no current. I felt at one with nature and in such peace. What a wonderful feeling.”