A Marshes of Skidaway Island dog

Hear directly from our residents, and their lifestyle they enjoy with their four-legged friends at this pet-friendly community.

Charlie and I didn’t have children together so it was our dogs who made us into a family. A couple of miles away from our home, The Marshes accepted pets – and they had a wonderful reputation to boot. So it really was the only Life Plan Community we ever considered.

We moved the day before Hurricane Irma in September of 2017 with our rescue toy poodle Desi. Perhaps because of PTSD following our evacuation, Desi took to spending her days under our bed. She would only come out to eat! Charlie and I decided a sibling would help and I looked for another rescue poodle for a long time, unsuccessfully. We had to go the breeder route and so we ended up with Kostélott (Get it? He cost a lot).

It is easy to make friends at The Marshes, but even easier with a pet. A lot of the residents have cats and some have dogs. If you are out and about with your dog, people find it easy to approach you. They may forget your name but not your dog’s. Say Missy, Baker, Harley, George, Apple or WeeMac and everybody knows just who you are talking about. Our nonpareil concierge, Judi, keeps a well-stocked jar of treats near her desk. Just be sure that everyone sees that you carry a poop bag and use it, keep that animal on a short leash, avoid those spaces where food is served, and everyone will ooooh and aaaah over your fur baby. Should there be a hurricane on its way (knock on wood), it is wonderful not to have to worry about finding a hotel which takes pets. The Marshes will make all necessary arrangements to transport and house your pet … one less thing to worry about in a very stressful situation!

Oh, and Desi and Kostélott? Well, Desi did come out from under the bed but turned out to be a bossy older sister mostly interested in keeping him in his place. Kostélott worships the ground she pads on. Deep down, they love each other even if they won’t curl up together. At least they curl up with us. Desi has always been a Daddy’s girl and I now have my own fan club in Kostélott.

-Susana B.

A senior couple at the Marshes of Skidaway Island with their dogs  Residents' of The Marshes dogs sitting on a couch  A retirement community resident hugs her dog.