For this submission to Resident Stories, members of the Communications Committee interviewed staff at The Marshes.

The Marshes is very focused on the health and wellness of its residents. We are lucky to have the skilled medical care of nurse Kimberly Gregory, Home Care Director, who is available for many physical problems such as cuts, burns and dressing changes. She is at the ready if blood work needs to be drawn. She and her team set up appointments and supervise immunizations. Covid shots have been available during and since the pandemic, also flu vaccines. Blood pressure checks take place weekly, as well as audiology and podiatry. Risk assessments for balance problems occur, and physical therapy is available.

Water aerobics, circuit training, bocce and regular fitness classes support the wellbeing of the residents as well as many other stimulating activities – lectures, bridge, mahjong, book club and in-house movies.

Lauren Dutko, Health and Wellness Navigator, is in charge of case management. She supports residents’ health-related needs and works with families and the Home Care Team to determine future plans, if needed. Our monthly Caregiver Fellowship meeting provides emotional support for resident caregivers, and there is a monthly Grief Support meeting for residents as well. She is an advocate for residents and a link to community resources, always available for emotional support. Navigating the health care system can be a daunting challenge, and Ms. Dutko is there to assist and reassure residents. She is well-equipped to help those in need in every way. The Marshes is fortunate to have such a team for their residents.


A last-minute scoop is that our Community Life Services Coordinator and fitness instructor, Clancy Boyle, is bringing up his puppy, Forrest, to be our own resident therapy dog.

The many resources at The Marshes contribute to the quality of life for residents. Two residents just recently added to their quality of life by… getting married with all due fanfare: church, bouquet, singing, and a reception with many heartfelt toasts. Congratulations to Bob and Nancy and their families!