Are you keeping up with your New Year Resolutions? The New Year offers individuals a chance to improve their lives and make every day count. Senior citizens can take advantage of this opportunity to start new habits that will help them stay physical fit and mentally sharp. The Marshes’ Savannah senior housing can help you to find the best ways to improve your life in the New Year.

Commit To Regular Exercise

Recent studies show that exercise is not only important for muscle strength and cardiovascular health; it also improves lung function, balance, mental cognition and mood. Seniors who implement a regular exercise into their day can receive these physical and mental benefits. Our Savannah senior housing offers a number of opportunities for seniors to engage in physical activities that help to keep them fit and flexible.

Start Activities That Engage Your Brain

Your brain needs exercise just as your body does, and studies show that engaging in activities that engage you brain can help to prevent decline in mental function, as well as mood problems. Crosswords puzzles, Sudoku, even card games and video games, can improve your memory and recall skills to keep you mentally sharp and interested in life.

Commit To Improving Your Diet

The New Year is a good time to look at your diet to improve your health. Most people engage in snacking habits that cause them to consume empty calories that put on excessive weight. Use the New Year to explore new snacks like yogurt, granola, new fruits you haven’t tried before and vegetable-based chips. These foods can lower your calorie intake and improve your nutrition.

Engage with Others Socially

Studies find that socializing helps seniors to stay mentally engaged and also improves their physical health. If you find that you spend more time alone as the years pass, it’s time to re-engage with others around you. We make it easy to find other people for card games, movie watching, board games or whatever activity you enjoy.

Volunteer to Help Others

When you engage in activities that help other people, you forget your own problems and complaints. You appreciate the good aspects of your life more and learn about the courage and resilience of other people. Volunteering is a way to give back for all the good in life you have, and to help others who may not be as fortunate.

These commitments for the New Year will ensure that you are engaging in positive activities that improve both your physical and your mental health, so that you can make the most of the year.

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