A riverboat docked on the river in Savannah

If you’re thinking about where to retire, then you should be thinking about Savannah, GA, a city that will give you a high quality of life with a comfortable cost of living. A truly charming southern city, Savannah boasts an incredible array of outdoor activities, cultural touchstones, historic landmarks and phenomenal food, not to mention the highly desirable benefits of Georgia retirement taxes. There are multiple reasons why Savannah is one of the best places to retire in Georgia, but to help make your decision a little easier, we’ve narrowed it down to the top five.

  1. Natural Surroundings
    There are so many things to do in Savannah, GA, and many of them are right outside your front door. Skidaway Island State Park is located right next to our community and offers incredible hiking opportunities, dolphin tours, salt marsh kayaking and more. In the city, almost every corner you turn looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. The Historic District’s streets are covered by natural archways created by the stunning branches of live oak trees, many dripping with unmistakable Spanish moss. The romantic, almost otherworldly environment they create is alluring and inviting. Different sections of the city bring different natural characteristics to life, such as Forsyth Park, which features a gorgeous fountain constructed in 1858 and 30 acres of the city’s most peaceful grounds.
  2. Historic Sites
    Fountains from centuries past are common throughout Savannah. The city itself dates back to 1733 and has been shaped over the decades by fascinating people and dramatic events, creating a rich, colorful and compelling tapestry of a city unlike any other in the country. Old-town trolleys still stroll the streets of the entire Historic District, which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966 and is one of the largest historic landmarks in the country. In this section of the city alone, you’ll find incredible destinations like The Pirates’ House — the oldest structure in Georgia and an inn mentioned in the classic book “Treasure Island “— The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and so much more.
  3. Cultural Highlights
    As historically significant and unique as the city is, it’s not all still living in the past. Today’s Savannah features a thriving arts and music scene, along with museums, theaters, a booming shopping district and more. Savannah College of Art and Design is home to the SCAD Museum of Art with nearly 5,000 items on display. A single walk along the riverfront’s cobblestone streets will take you to dozens of local eateries, breweries, shops and live entertainment options. It’s not uncommon to find caricature and balloon artists setting up in the area, ready to put a smile on the faces of all ages.
  4. Mouthwatering Meals
    Did we mention the food yet? Of course, the South is known for its incredible cuisine, and Savannah is a particular standout city when it comes to culinary highlights. Savannah restaurants are famous for embracing contemporary cuisine while staying true to the city’s traditions. Each establishment offers distinctive decor and fully original flavors. Whether you choose to dine at a quaint outdoor cafe or enjoy a fabulous five-star feast, restaurants in Savannah combine a chic, fun atmosphere with flavors you won’t find in any other corner of the world.
  5. Tax Savings
    Ever wonder why so many retirees have Georgia on their minds? In addition to all the reasons listed above, the state’s low taxes are an undeniable benefit. In Georgia, Social Security income is exempt from state taxes, along with most retirement income for those 62-64, up to $35,000. Seniors ages 65 and better enjoy an exemption of $65,000 individually or $130,000 per couple. The state’s median home value is $148,100, which boasts a low median property tax of just $1,397. Plus, there is no estate or inheritance tax in Georgia. Retirement income here also includes pensions, annuities, interest, dividends, net income from rental property, capital gains, royalties and the first $4,000 of earned income such as wages.

Still wondering where to retire? Senior living in Savannah, GA, simply can’t be beat. Contact us today to learn how you can enjoy all the perks of Savannah, plus the beautiful and quiet landscape of The Marshes of Skidaway Island.