A senior woman in assisted living sits with her daughter and caregiver.

Assisted living combines warmth, innovation and high-quality support to help residents live as independently as possible. Nevertheless, assisted living myths persist and sometimes keep older adults from reaching out for the help they need. So, let’s clarify some important points.

Assisted Living Definition

Assisted living is a level of senior care provided to older adults who need support with activities of daily living: eating, walking, bathing, personal grooming, toileting, medication management, and transferring. Beyond senior care, assisted living provides opportunities for a rich social life, delicious restaurant-style dining options, interesting daily activities, as well as housekeeping and maintenance services — which can create a safer environment for seniors who struggle with mobility.

Assisted Living Myths and the Truths that Bust Them

  1. In assisted living, everything centers around care.

Care services in assisted living are designed to help residents live as independently as possible and continue to enjoy a vibrant lifestyle. Help with activities of daily living give residents more confidence to pursue their interests and enjoy activities on and off campus.

  1. I won’t be in control of my own schedule.

You will still be in charge of your life. You will work with your care team to arrange a schedule that works for all of you. The daily activities and use of the amenities at a senior living community are optional — you can be as involved as you like. You can enjoy chef-prepared meals in the comfortable dining room or in your residence, if that works better for you.

  1. I won’t have any privacy.

If you’re worried that assistance means you’ll never have private time away from caregivers, worry no more. Your initial assessment will determine which activities of daily living you need help with. Then care services team members will work with you to create a care plan with a schedule. You won’t have surprise pop-ins from caregivers.

  1. The food will be bland and redundant.

Daily meals are a crucial part of living well. The food at The Marshes of Skidaway Island is made with quality ingredients and prepared with your dietary preferences in mind. The goal of our dining team is to delight you at every turn.

  1. I’ll be separated from my spouse.

One of the benefits of choosing assisted living at a Life Plan Community is that couples can receive two different levels of care without having to be far from each other.

  1. It’s cheaper to hire at-home care.

You may have paid off your mortgage, and therefore feel like your living expenses at home are low. But hiring on-site care adds up, and if you need higher levels of care, your costs will increase drastically. If your care needs increase, you may decide you need to move to a community at a time when it’s more difficult to do so.

 Senior living communities offer easy access to higher levels of care, as well as services and amenities that will cut down on costs you would pay for separately if you lived in a house: groceries, utilities, housekeeping, maintenance, gym memberships, etc.

  1. My family can care for me just as well.

Daily caregiving requires time, experience and skills that most family members won’t have. And assisting with certain activities of daily living may require tasks that make them uncomfortable. For example, they may find it awkward to help with bathing, dressing, toileting, or managing medication. When your care services are carried out by professionals, you can feel confident they’ve had training and understand your needs. You can call on them whenever you need help. And your relationships with loved ones can remain unaltered.

  1. If I wasn’t an independent living resident at Marshes of Skidaway Island, I won’t be admitted to assisted living.

Not so. We welcome new residents into assisted living along with current residents transitioning from independent living.

Find Comfort and Care in Our Assisted Living Community

Don’t fall for the myths. Assisted living is designed to enhance your life — not restrict it. If you’d like to know more about assisted living in Savannah, GA, or the lifestyle and  care services we offer at The Marshes of Skidaway Island, reach out to us. We’d be happy to provide more details.