4 Ways Exercise Strengthens the Brain

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March is the month that's most commonly associated with St. Patrick's Day, but it's also the month in which Brain Awareness Week is held. Maintaining brain strength is one of the most important topics among those in senior housing in Savannah, GA.

Modern research shows us that daily exercise is extremely important for alder adults because it helps them reduce bone density loss, increase muscle mass, and improve overall flexibility, coordination, and mobility. Perhaps even more importantly, exercise has also been shown to boost brain power. Here are four ways daily exercise helps strengthen the brain at any age.

#1 - Blood Flow to the Brain Increases During Exercise

In order to enjoy optimum brain function, it needs oxygen. When you exercise, blood flow to the brain naturally increases, resulting in higher levels of oxygen and vital nutrients being delivered to the brain. The influx of oxygen and nutrients gives your brain's cells more fuel, thus improving mental function and clarity.

#2 - Exercise Turns on Neuroprotective Genes

Studies have shown that exercise turns on certain neuroprotective genes in the brain which results in the production of proteins called neurotrophic factors. These proteins work to protect the cells in the brain from damage from dangerous environmental toxins like pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic substances. So, simply by exercising, you're protecting your brain against damage.

#3 - Exercise Helps the Brain Produce New Cells

When you exercise, your brain produces new neurons in the hippocampus region. It also increases the formation of glial cells, which make up a crucial part of the brain's support system. Studies indicate that older adults that engage in regular exercise exhibit greater glial cell production than those that don't exercise.

#4 - Exercise Causes the Release of Anti-Depression Chemicals in the Brain

Depression and anxiety are debilitating conditions that affect many older adults for a variety of different reasons. But, research shows that daily exercise stimulates the body's nervous system and it results in a release of feel-good chemicals into the brain that naturally fight depression, stress, and anxiety. Exercise has also been shown to reduce immune system chemicals that are associated with depression. The fact that the body's core temperature rises with exercise is also shown to have a calming effect on the brain.

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