Tips for Caring for Resistant Elders

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Being a caregiver is an enormous physical and mental commitment to care for an aging loved one. It is a very challenging job in its own right, but when the elder becomes resistant to care, it is a job that can quickly become overwhelming.

At The Marshes of Skidaway Island's Savannah skilled nursing facilities, we have experience dealing with such instances. Here, we provide some tips for caring for resistant elders that may prove helpful to your cause.

Involve Your Loved One in Care Decisions

Unless your loved one is mentally incapable of making decisions, such as those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, you should make it a habit to include them in any decisions regarding their care. This lets them know that you value their input and they will feel more comfortable with decisions that they take an active part in.

Bring Up Care Issues at the Right Time

When it comes to talking about care issues with a resistant elder, timing is everything. You should only approach the subject when everyone (including you) is relaxed. This will make it easier for everyone to speak calmly and openly about the subject.

Pick Your Battles

Avoid forcing the issue when your loved one doesn't want to talk about their care issues. Being forceful will only make them more resistant, so pick your battles and know when to pull back.

Listen to Your Loved One's Preferences

Don't disregard your loved one's care preferences because you think you know better. Listening to them and taking their preferences into consideration will help you find the best possible skilled nursing facility for your loved one and make their transition much easier and more comfortable.

Enlist Help

In some cases, a resistant elder can make the caregiver's job more challenging than normal. When this happens, don't be afraid to enlist the help of other family members. If you are trying to convince your aging family member that they should accept help and you are met with strict resistance, then those you enlist may be able to assist you in helping the elder become more accepting of help.

Suggest a Trial Run

It can be extremely hard to accept the idea that you need assistance when you have been independent your entire life. Think about this from your loved one's point of view. One way you can try to get them the help they need without them sacrificing their independence is to suggest a trial run in a skilled nursing facility. In many cases, once resistant elders discover the truth of such communities, they will be more willing and accepting of care.

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