7 Must-Know Senior Driving Safety Tips

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During the summer, the roadways naturally get more congested as more and more families hit the highways for their annual vacations. But, for senior drivers, especially those living in Savannah senior living housing, the addition of summertime drivers, all racing to get to their vacation destinations, can be harrowing.

As a result, now is the perfect time to revisit some important driving safety tips that seniors can fall back on to help keep them safe on our busy roads.

#1 - Exercise Every Day

While it's not exactly a driving tip, exercising every day is important for maintaining your health and stamina, both of which are important for driving safely. The exercise helps you stay flexible, which helps improve your safety by making it easier to look over your shoulder, turn the steering wheel, and more.

#2 - Manage Any Chronic Conditions

Chronic health conditions, when not properly managed, can be a true detriment to a senior driver's safety. Pain and other potential problems can affect your concentration and when it comes to staying safe on the road, you need all of your mental faculties working for you. Therefore, if you have chronic conditions and you drive, it is important to see your doctor regularly so you can keep your conditions under control.

#3 - Have Your Vision and Hearing Tested Regularly

On the road, your eyes and ears need to be in good working order. If they're not, then you could be a danger to yourself and others. Schedule a vision and hearing test so you have a baseline and then have them re-checked regularly.

#4 - Only Drive When the Conditions are Safe

There are certain times when it's just safer for older drivers to be on the road. These are during the daylight hours and on days when the weather is good. Driving at night or on rainy, snowy, or foggy days is just not as easy as it once was for some senior drivers and their inability to see well can make them a risk. Therefore, stick to driving when the conditions are optimal and you'll be a safer driver for it.

#5 - Know Your Limitations

It's hard to accept that your driving abilities aren't what they used to be. But, the truth is, it gets harder to drive the older we get, and for seniors, some days are worse than others. Therefore, it's important to know your limitations. For example, if the arthritis in your hand is making hard to hold on to your coffee cup, then today may not be the best time for you to be driving.

#6 - Plan Your Trips Ahead of Time

For a smooth and safe trip, preparation is key. For instance, map out your route before you get on the road, make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip, and have your cell phone fully charged before you leave. If you're using a GPS device, program your destination into it before you start driving. And, always have a roadside safety kit in your car when heading out on a longer than usual drive.

#7 - Take a Driving Refresher Course

The more years you spend as a driver, the more drastic the driving laws change. Therefore, seniors should take a driving refresher course every few years to help ensure they're up to date with motor vehicle laws. As a side benefit, doing so might even help you save some money on your auto insurance policy.

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