4 Emergency Preparation Tips for Seniors

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An emergency or natural disaster can occur at any time and when they do, they can turn the life of anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in its way completely upside down. Natural disasters are not selective. They can happen anywhere, so it's important for everyone to have an emergency preparation plan should something happen in their area.

At The Marshes of Skidaway Island, we do everything we can to maximize the safety and security of our members, but that said, it is still recommended to have a personal emergency preparation plan ready. If you don't already have a plan prepared and ready, then here are four tips to help get you started.

Consider Your Geographical Risks

These days, natural disasters seem to occur just about everywhere, but despite this, most geographical regions are prone to certain risks, such as tornados in Oklahoma or earthquakes in California. As such, it is important to know what types of natural disasters your specific area is most likely to suffer. For seniors in Savannah, this means being prepared for severe thunderstorms, damaging hail, tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornados.

Create a Contact List

A core component of any emergency preparation plan is to create a comprehensive contact list. This list should include the cell and home phone numbers and addresses of family members and their health insurance information. Make two copies of this list and put one on the refrigerator for quick access and another in your lock box.

Create a Local Support Group

If you live in a Savannah senior housing community, reach out to your friends and neighbors and discuss what to do in the event of an emergency. Come up with a system so that everyone is looked after. Every member should share important health information, such as any handicaps or other disabilities, so everyone has a good understanding of each one's critical healthcare needs.

Make an Emergency Kit

There are certain things you're going to want on hand if an emergency happens in your area. And, keeping them all in an easy-to-access kit is recommended. For instance, you'll want to have a couple of gallons of drinking water, some non-perishable foods, duct tape, a flashlight and fresh batteries, a hand-held radio, moist towelettes, an extra pair of eyeglasses, an extra hearing aid with fresh batteries, and anything else that might be important to your health and wellness.

Here's another tip: Always be sure to refill your medications as early as the pharmacy allows. You don't want a natural disaster to happen only to find that you're out of your must-have heart medication.

The Marshes Savannah Retirement Community is For You

A natural disaster can be devastating, overwhelming, and potentially deadly. But, the best way to get through one is to be prepared for dealing with the aftermath. If you don't already have a plan ready to go, don't wait, start making one today! Follow the tips above and you'll be in a better position to make it through.

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