ID Theft Protection Tips for Seniors

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Did you know that someone has their identity stolen every two seconds in the United States? ID theft is one of the most prevalent crimes in the modern era and the elder community is one of the most at-risk populations for becoming victims of identity theft.

Despite its pervasiveness, identity theft is actually an easy crime to protect yourself against. Here are some ID theft protection tips for seniors from The Marshes of Skidaway Island, home to luxury Savannah retirement homes.

Shred Your Documents

A lot of ID thieves acquire information by digging through people's trash. This is why it is so important to shred any mail or documents featuring any of your personal information on them before they go in the trash. Buy an inexpensive micro-cut shredder from your local office supply store and use it every time you're throwing out papers containing sensitive information.

Secure Your Smartphone

If you have a smartphone, then you should have it secured with a unique password that thieves will have difficulty figuring out. Avoid using things like your birthdate or your grandchild's birthday. You should also avoid using names of pets, kids' names, and numbers in sequence.

Secure Your Computer

Just like your smartphone, it is important to regularly update your passwords on your computer or laptop. In fact, experts recommend changing your passwords every three months.

Never Give Information Out Over the Phone

Seniors are frequent targets for scams perpetrated over the phone. Remember, reputable businesses will never ask for your personal information over the phone. They may require you to answer questions, such as your name and account number, but they will never ask you for passwords or your social security number. If you receive a call and the caller asks for this type of information, hang up immediately.

Never Carry Your Medicare Card Unless Going to the Doctors

Your Medicare card contains information that ID thieves want, so if you aren't going to your doctor appointment, you should leave your Medicare card safely at home.

Sign Checks with a Gel Pen Instead of Ballpoint

The problem with signing a check with a ballpoint pen is that the ink can be easily washed away, leaving thieves with the opportunity to sign their own names and cash the check. To prevent this from happening, you should always sign your checks with a gel pen because the ink from this pen can't be washed away.

Don't Share Your Social Security Number with Anyone Except...

The only time you should ever share your social security number is when you're applying for credit, verifying employment, or you need to share it for tax reasons. These are the only times! If someone asks you for your social security number for a reason other than these, refuse.

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