Biggest Fears of Senior Living

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People are led to believe that a senior living facility is filled with older adults that are alone and lonely. They do not have a family or their family has abandoned them. Seniors are placed in the senior living communities because they simply do not have any other options. Today's senior living facilities are vastly different than those myths that perpetrate a fear of living in senior communities. Let's look at a few of the biggest fears of senior living.


Seniors assume that they will spend their days staring at the walls. The exact opposite is true. Our senior living community is very active. In fact, we plan a wide variety of activities for our seniors to enjoy throughout the year. Our seniors enjoy social gatherings, relaxing in the hot tub, reading in the library, computer activities, ballroom dancing, wellness classes, and much more.

Too Expensive

Senior living is comparable to living on your own. Senior living in our community is more affordable than you might think. Our residents are funded by various sources that might include Social Security to VA Benefits. In fact, we have several plans at Savannah Retirement Homes to match any budget.

Improper Care

Our staff consists of professionals that are experts at senior care. Our staff is composed of kind, caring, and very competent people that really care about our seniors.

Senior Living Will Make Me Sicker

Isolation is one reason that seniors age quickly and experience illness. Our facility is a place for seniors to socialize and enjoy the company of others. Seniors enjoy life and all the fun activities provided at our facility.

Lose My Freedom

Some seniors might assume that they will lose their freedom and independence. The exact opposite is true. Our seniors are assisted with mundane tasks like cooking, cleaning, laundry and more that take up their time. Our seniors have plenty of time to enjoy life on their own terms.

Losing Control Over Life

We take our senior's fears seriously. We admit that getting situated in a new environment takes time. It is important to remember that our seniors live life the way they wish. They only take part in activities they desire.


Family Abandonment

Family abandonment is an issue with some seniors. However, at our senior living community, seniors enjoy visits from family and friends around the year. Special family get together are also encouraged.


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