Comparing Senior Communities

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Aging adults can still thrive and enjoy a fulfilling life when they live independently at a senior living community that offers care, entertainment, meals, activities, and amenities.


The cost of care is a key concern for every senior and their loved ones. Usually, the price of living in a senior community is determined by the kind of services that are offered, location, amenities, among other factors. Some communities will charge entrance fees and monthly fees as well as charges that depend on the level of care offered. It's important to get adequate information on how pricing is done to avoid getting into problems.


Amenities vary from one community to the other. However, there are some standard amenities that are common to all Savannah retirement homes facilities. At some locations, housekeepers do all the cleaning tasks including laundry. When it comes to activities, many facilities provide classes and activities to all residents for free. These are the programs that help in ensuring that the residents remain physically and mentally engaged. Most communities will offer meals at the dining room. Dining can be buffet style or table service. However, if the residences have kitchens, residents can opt to take their meals from their rooms.


The location of a senior community is very important. Residents should be taken to a community with a more appealing location.

  • Residential - these are facilities that have other residences. They offer a chance to make connections with people who don't live in the facility. The residents can also live closer to their loved ones.
  • Suburban - these are communities situated in the suburbs and often have large gardens.
  • Medical district - these are communities that are ideal for residents that need high care levels not just physically but medically. Since they are near medical givers, they can access doctors easily. The emergency service staff can also get them to the hospital quickly if there is an emergency.


The kind of staff in a community will depend on the needs of the residents. However, they all should caring and qualified. From housekeeping and maintenance to security and convenient assistance, the staff members at The Marshes are experts at pampering and caring.

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