How to Stay Active During the Holidays

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With the weather turning colder outside, it's normal for seniors to start spending more and more time indoors. But unfortunately, this does make it more difficult for seniors to stay mentally and physically fit, especially during the holiday season when everyone is in a relaxed mindset.

Therefore, in order for you to maintain your health and happiness during the holidays, you need to stay active and engaged. Best of all, it's easier than you might think. Here are five ways you can stay active during the winter season.

Get Social

One of the best things about the holidays is getting together and spending time with friends and family. But, socializing actually provides some key benefits for your mind and body. For starters, if you're the one traveling for the visit, the actual process of getting up and moving will help keep your joints lubricated and limber. This also helps boost your self-confidence and your sense of independence.

Engaging with others in conversation has also been shown to lower one's stress, especially when reliving beloved memories or playing fun games. Seniors can also benefit greatly from holiday cards.

Go Shopping

Even though shopping online from the comfort of your own home has its benefits, getting out and going shopping in an actual store or a local mall offers many more. Most importantly, it gets you up and moving. Walking the mall is an excellent way to get in your daily exercise. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, walking at a leisurely pace for 30 minutes will help you burn between 120 to 150 calories. And, you'll be able to wrap up your holiday shopping to boot!

Get Creative

Working on crafts like knitting, painting, or crocheting is an excellent way to spend some of your time during the holidays. It not only helps keep your mind and fingers activated and engaged, your crafting also serves as a wonderful source of holiday gifts for your family and friends. Nothing is more cherished than a hand-made gift.

Get Cooking

Food plays a major role in most family holiday traditions. So, break out your trusty family cookbooks and start creating some of your favorite holiday dishes. If you're unable to spend time with your family this holiday season, you can still make the dishes and share them with your friends in the community. Food is a great way to share your heritage and family traditions with others both within your family and out.

Happy Holidays from The Marshes' Savannah Retirement Community

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