Easy Exercises for Seniors

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It cannot be stressed enough - seniors, more than any other population group, need to exercise every day in order to maintain strength, dexterity, flexibility, and balance. But, many seniors don't exercise because they don't want to risk injury or maybe they are worried that the exercise may be painful or difficult.

However, exercise doesn't have be either of those things. There are several easy exercises that seniors living in Savannah assisted living facilities can do on a daily basis to help improve their health and overall wellness. Here are ten easy exercises that you should start adding to your daily regimen today.

#1 - Aerobics

Aerobic exercise is excellent for seniors because it is low-impact and it burns off plenty of calories. But, aerobic exercises also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels while increasing energy levels, strengthening cardiac muscles, and improving one's overall endurance. And, all it takes is just five minutes a day a few times a week.

#2 - Squats

Squats are easy to do in the comfort of your own home, but their results can be staggering. Doing squats helps strengthen the legs, back, and core. This helps improve balance and stability and you can even use the back of chair for support until you build up your leg strength to do them without the chair.

#3 - Arm Raises

Lifting your arms over your head helps strengthen arm muscles and improves circulation. Adding resistance over time using elastic bands or light weights helps you enjoy even more significant results in a shorter period of time. And, this exercise can even be performed sitting down, as long as you keep your back straight.

#4 - Practice Push-Ups

Your days of getting on the ground and doing military-style push-ups might be behind you, but you can still do a practice version of them and still reap the rewards of the exercise. Simply standing facing a wall and doing "practice push-ups" against the wall will help boost your upper body strength.

#5 - Leg Raises

With your hand on the back of a chair for support, lift one leg straight out to the side, back, and front. Leg raises such as these will help increase muscle mass in your legs, buttocks, and lower back.

#6 - Toe Stands

Using the same chair for support, raise your body on your toes and keep yourself balanced there. Let yourself back down and repeat the toe stand. This easy exercise improves your leg and calf muscles, thus improving your balance and coordination.

#7 - Quadricep Stretches

Once again, using the back of the chair for support, bend your left leg behind you and grab your foot with your hand. Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds and then repeat the exercise with the other foot. This stretches your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles, making them stronger and more limber.

#8 - Upper Body Stretches

Upper body stretches are part of a strong exercise routine because this stretch improves overall flexibility. Simply stand straight with your feet shoulder length apart and bring your arms behind you until your hands can grasp each other. Pull your shoulders back and hold for 30 seconds. Release the pose and repeat.

#9 - Tai Chi

Tai Chi has been practiced in Asia for centuries and it remains one of the most effective exercises for older adults because it is highly effective and very low impact. Tai Chi involves making very slow, but precise movements, resulting in significant muscle tone improvement with little risk of injury.

#10 - Swimming

Swimming is another low impact, high yielding exercise that's great for seniors to do on a daily basis. The water provides natural resistance that helps improve muscle mass. And, it's fun!

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