Things to do on National Senior Citizens Day

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In 1988, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed August 21st of each year to be recognized as National Senior Citizen's Day. The day's purpose was, and is, designed to celebrate and honor the lives and contributions of our country's older generations and appreciate their service to their families, their communities, and the country as a whole. The official Presidential Proclamation was made to urge Americans to celebrate this special day with their older loved ones by engaging in senior-friendly ceremonies and activities.

At The Marshes of Skidaway Island retirement homes in Savannah, we take a special interest in this day and encourage all of our members to enjoy the day doing the things they love to do most while also trying new things as well. Here is a list of some of fun Senior Day activities to engage with your loved one this year.

Write a Poem for Your Loved One

Handwriting a poem for your loved one is one of the most thoughtful ways of expressing your gratitude and love. Or, if you don't consider yourself a poet at heart, then you can always find a poem that makes you think of your loved one and share it with them, explaining why you find it so meaningful. You can even go the extra mile and print your poem out and frame it so your loved one will be able cherish it all throughout the year.

Take Your Loved One Out for the Day

National Senior Citizens Day makes for the perfect day to make plans with your loved ones. Take them out to a movie or to a new restaurant, spend the day shopping, visit a museum, or just take them out to a nearby park for some fresh air and a nice walk. They'll love spending time with you regardless of where you choose to take them.

Prepare a Meal and Share It with Them

Nothing says love like a homemade meal. This year, cook up some family recipes and then visit your loved one and share it with them. Try to choose dishes that will inspire wonderful memories. Odds are your loved one will share stories related to the dishes all night long.

While you're in the kitchen, why not prepare a few extra dinners so they will have a week's worth of home-cooked meals at the ready in their refrigerator or freezer? Just include some instructions for re-heating the meals and your loved one will enjoy fresh and wholesome meals all week long.

Attend National Senior Citizens Day Activities with Your Loved One

Savannah will be hosting a wide array of senior-friendly activities this year on August 21. So, why not attend some with your loved one? They'll be able to enjoy the day out partaking in fun activities that will be all the more special because you're there with them.

Activities For Those Have Lost Older Loved Ones

If you have recently lost an older family member, then National Senior Citizens Day is the perfect day to honor their memory. You can do this by visiting a retirement home or nursing home in your community and volunteering for the day. You can spend some time with the members, have lunch with them, and engage in some fun activities with them. It will make their day and your time will be well spent.

Or, if you have a senior living on your block, you can always check in with them to see if you can help them with anything. This can involve taking them on some needed errands, washing their car, mowing their lawn, or anything else you can think of that will help make their life easier.

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