Senior Cold and Flu Prevention Tips

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The winter season, with its wildly fluctuating temperatures, is prime time for colds and of course, the flu. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help protect yourself from both seasonal colds and the annual flu. Here are seven simple tips from the Marshes retirement communities in Savannah that you can start doing today that will greatly reduce your odds of getting sick this winter.

Get Your Flu Shot

It's not too late. You can still get your flu shot, and you definitely should because it does help. In fact, the American Lung Association recommends all adults over fifty years of age receive a seasonal flu shot. This is your strongest ally against the flu this year, so make sure you get it!

Pay Attention to Where You Put Your Hands

Did you know that most people touch their faces between three and four time per hour? Now think about how many things you've touched over the past hour. You might have touched the phone, a doorknob, a shopping cart handle, pet your dog, or maybe even shook hands with a neighbor. If you really want to stay cold-free this winter, then you need to pay close attention to where you're placing your hands and avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or nose prior to washing your hands.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Since the hands are the most common culprits for introducing germs to your body, it is imperative to keep them clean. Whenever you return home, you should wash your hands. In fact, you should wash them often throughout the day to keep germs to a minimum.

Stay Away From Others Who are Sick

One of the easiest ways to catch the flu is to be around someone who has it. So, if you have friends or family who are suffering from the flu or a serious cold, then it is best to keep your distance from them until after they have recovered.

Educate Your Children and Grandchildren

For many seniors, colds and flus are introduced to them when hugging and kissing their children or grandchildren. Therefore, it is important for you to educate your family members about the risks and ask them to wash their hands immediately upon entering your home.

Support Your Immune System by Living Healthier

Making just a few changes to your daily habits can make a big difference in your health and immune system response. For instance, eating a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables and staying away from fatty foods is a great place to start. Getting enough sleep at night is also important for immune health, as is drinking plenty of water and keeping stress to a minimum. Add in some exercise every day and you'll be well on your way to enjoying a winter season free from the cold and flu.

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