Why Seniors Prefer Living in a Life Plan Community

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It's not uncommon for most seniors to be hesitant to make the transition to living in a life plan community. The uncertainty, the change of lifestyle, and being a little farther away from family can be a little overwhelming and scary.

But, what most seniors are quick to discover is that once they make the transition, they find that they actually prefer living in their retirement community because it's filled with like-minded people. In fact, it's not uncommon for many family members to notice that their loved one's physical and mental health actually improve after moving to a life plan community like The Marshes of Skidaway Island. The reason this occurs can be traced to five key factors.

Social Stimulation

When a senior lives at home, they often live alone and although family members stop by every once in a while, it is usually not often enough to prevent a senior from feeling somewhat isolated and this can sometimes lead to depression. But, at The Marshes, seniors have the opportunity to become engaged in a lively and active community. There are programs to attend, groups to join, and hobbies and activities to partake in. The social stimulation has even been shown to have a positive effect on one's mental state and overall health.

Nutritional Diet

Seniors have special dietary needs that are almost never managed appropriately at home. Seniors who live alone just don't eat the nourishing diet they should be eating because they don't want to go through the hassle of making a dinner for one. But, in a life plan community, a senior's dietary needs are met with every meal. From fresh fruits and vegetables to whole grains to lean proteins, seniors always have easy access to the food they need to get and stay healthy.

Exercise Opportunities

When a senior lives at home, it's easier to sit on the couch than get up and exercise. But, in a life plan community, there are endless opportunities to exercise. Whether you prefer taking a walk around our lush grounds or you are taking a yoga class with your neighbor, you'll find exercise is not only fun at The Marshes – it's the gateway to good health!

Daily Support

Some seniors need a little more support than others and in such cases, nowhere is better to live than in a life plan community like The Marshes. Seniors in need of support get exactly what they need, be it housekeeping assistance, medical management, or home maintenance, just to name a few. Plus, the staff at The Marshes is always focused on helping our members in any way they can, so family members can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that their loved one is constantly being looked after.


At home, it's all too easy for a senior to slip and fall and when that happens, the results can be disastrous if medical attention isn't delivered swiftly. But, in a senior living community, seniors enjoy living in the safest environment possible. The homes are modified for seniors, featuring well-lit hallways, ambulatory support equipment, sprinkler and security systems, and more. And, help is always just seconds away.

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