9 Things to Consider About a Life Plan Community

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Making the decision to move an aging parent into a life plan community for assisted living support is not easy. There will be a lot of conflicted emotions and even some arguments. Plus, you will have to do your due diligence to help ensure that the community you choose is ideal for your parent.

If you're in the position of finding a quality assisted living community for yourself or a loved one, then here are nine things you need to consider before making a final decision.

#1: Access to Your Parent's Most Valuable Wants and Needs

Odds are your parent has a network that adds value to their life. For instance, they probably have doctors they trust; churches they attend; groups they belong to and enjoy, and more. When choosing a community for your parent, it helps if it is located in such a place where it can still provide them with easy access to their most valuable things.

#2: Your Parent's Current and Future Needs

When choosing a community, you want to make sure that it is capable of meeting the needs of your parent today as well as their expected needs in the future. You don't want to get in a situation where you move your loved one to a community and then in a few years have to move them again. Speak with your parent's doctors to find out what kind of care your parent will most likely need in the future so you can choose the right assisted living community.

#3: Check the Facility's Licensure

Every assisted living facility needs to adhere to state regulations. Check to make sure the facility you're interested in is licensed to operate in your state. You should also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have ever been any complaints recorded against the facility.

#4: Ask for Referrals

If you know anyone who has gone through what you're currently going through, then you should ask them for advice and recommendations. You can also ask your loved one's doctors if they can recommend any reputable local facilities. A good referral can be a great starting off point and asking around will also help you avoid poorly run facilities.

#5: Check the Financial Stability of the Community or Facility

The housing crisis not only hurt the national real estate market, it also hurt a lot of assisted living communities that rely on profits from home sales to pay for their services. As a result, a good number of assisted living facilities are struggling financially. Before making a choice, check the financial stability of the community or facility you're interested to make sure your loved one won't have to worry about depreciations in care or services.

#6: Check to See if There's a Waiting List

Before you get too far into your research, you should contact a community you're interested in to see if there's a waiting list. The better ones usually have them. This is, of course, why you should start your search as early as possible.

#7: Visit the Community a Few Times

It's always a good idea to visit a life plan community a few times in order to get a better idea of what life is like in it. Try the food in the dining hall and see what kind of amenities and programs are available. Visit once during the day and once in the evening. You should also schedule a guided tour of the community. When visiting at night, be sure to see how attentive the staff is and whether or not the community is understaffed in the evenings.

#8: Speak to the Residents

One of the best ways to gauge the quality of a community is to talk with those who live there. During your visits, sit down and have a chat with a few different residents. Ask them about life in the community and the care that's provided.

#9: Have an Elder Law Attorney Review the Contract Before Signing

A facility or community's contract letter should outline important details, such as how it handles the needs of residents as they age and their illnesses progress. It should also include information about the costs associated with leaving the facility. As you might imagine, these contracts can often be complex and confusing, so before you sign, you should have an elder law attorney read it over.

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