From CCRC to Life Plan Community

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If you have been comparing continuing care retirement communities for yourself or for an elderly adult, then you might have noticed recently that the term CCRC is no longer being used. The appropriate term for these types of communities is now "life plan community."

So, why was the name changed and does the change have any impact on the care services being provided at these communities?

Why the Name Was Changed

At the Opening Session of the 2015 Annual Meeting and EXPO in Boston, LeadingAge NameStorm Task Force introduced "Life Plan Community" as the new name for senior communities under the CCRC category.

According to LeadingAge President and CEO, Larry Minnix, a name change was needed because "the name CCRC no longer did an adequate job of creating the best perception among tomorrow’s older adults."

The two-year renaming process was performed by the NameStorm Task Force, which included LeadingAge, Mather LifeWays, and four marketing firms.

Research Indicated a Name Change Was Needed

In recent years, the term "continuing care retirement community" has started to lose favor among adults aged 65 and younger. The reason is because the name simply doesn’t do a good job of describing the communities classified under that category.

This was backed up in a survey conducted by GlynnDevins, in which a staggering 84% of respondents said they would prefer a different name other than CCRC. The primary reason is because for many, the term "continuing care" carried negative connotations.

The Difference a Name Makes

When you look at the term continuing care retirement community, the word "care" sticks out. But, care isn’t usually the first thing potential residents are looking for in a retirement community. For many people, a CCRC is just another name for a nursing home, so it can be understandable how so many potential members could be confused about the community’s actual purpose.

Another reason for the negative association for the term CCRC is that it comes off sounded more like a medical facility than it does a vibrant community of seniors in all stages of their lives. By making the shift from CCRC to Life Plan Community, the mental picture of the community becomes much clearer.

As we age, we all take the necessary steps to plan the upcoming chapters in our lives. This is a natural part of the aging process. So, the term "Life Plan Community" is simply more fitting because that is exactly what new residents are doing – planning the next phases of their lives.

The new term also removes the association with aging and places the focus more on planning, a topic that is much more favorable. With a Life Plan Community, it is more about planning one’s life than it is about aging.

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