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What Seniors Should Never Share on Facebook

In the last decade, social media has become a useful tool in helping seniors stay connected with their family. For widowed seniors, loneliness can be a real problem, and Facebook helps them feel involved in the day to day life … Continue reading

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Top 5 Superfoods for Seniors

Studies have proven for years that inflammation is one of the largest contributors to the development of chronic diseases. And, for many seniors who suffer from such diseases, they often tend to become resigned to the fact that they have … Continue reading

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Tired of Waking Up Tired? Here’s How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

How you feel and act during the day is largely controlled by one thing – the quality of sleep you got the night before. Sleep is literally one of the most important things you can do to maintain optimum health, … Continue reading

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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips for Seniors

Just because you live in a Savannah independent living community, like The Marshes of Skidaway Island, does not mean that you no longer get excited for the holidays. In fact, we find that seniors are just as likely to decorate … Continue reading

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Top 10 Social Media Safety Tips

Social media makes it possible to share photos, stories, and information quicker and easier than any other type of communication. As such, it is quickly becoming accepted by older adults living in retirement communities in Savannah. Today’s active adults are … Continue reading

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18 Tips for Protecting Against Scams and Frauds

At the Marshes of Skidaway Island Savannah senior housing community, our seniors grew up in more honest times than what we live in today. This is part of the reason why retirees are among the most likely groups of people … Continue reading

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Retiring to the Island Life in Savannah

Retirement communities in Savannah GA are among the most popular on the east coast for a variety of reasons. From the near perfect year-round temperatures to the natural beauty of the region to the sheer abundance of amenities in and … Continue reading

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