9 “Old-Fashioned” Ways to Go Green

Living a “greener,” more eco-friendly lifestyle is a common New Year’s resolution made by today’s younger generation. But, what they may not realize is that their grandparents have been living green for generations. If you want to really reduce your carbon footprint, all you have to do is live the “old-fashioned” way. Here are nine simple ways to live a greener lifestyle from The Marshes’ Savannah independent living community.

#1 – Clean Green with Household Staples

Remember walking into your home, or your parent’s home, and being hit with the smell of lemon and vinegar? That’s because these two simple ingredients are super-powerful, all-natural cleaning agents. Use vinegar and newspaper to get crystal-clean windows. Mix vinegar and baking soda to clean your sinks and countertops. Use lemon and salt to scrub your cutting boards clean. There are dozens of different uses for these two ingredients in the home, and best of all they’re safe, non-toxic, and effective.

#2 – Let Nothing Go to Waste

When a whole chicken was made for dinner, the bones were never thrown in the trash. They went into a stock pot with some vegetables and home-made chicken stock or soup was made. Once the stock was drained, the remaining vegetable scraps were added to the compost pile for the garden. Adopting a “no-waste” attitude in your kitchen will help you maximize your food budget while keeping unnecessary trash out of the landfills.

#3 – Take Care of Your Furnishings

Why do senior’s old cars look and run like new? It’s because the older generation takes care of what they own so they don’t have to worry about replacing them. Start taking better care of your home’s furnishings and other items and they’ll last longer, thus keeping them out of our landfills.

#4 – Bake Goodies Instead of Buying Them

When you buy packaged cookies and other baked goods from the grocery store, they’re filled with sugar, salt, and all manner of other preservatives and hidden ingredients. What happened to making baked goods from scratch?  These cookies and cakes not only taste so much better, they are better for both you and the environment.

#5 – Shop Smarter

Back in the day, weekly trips to the grocery store were unheard of. Usually people planned one or two trips to the store per month. They were able to do this because they planned their meals, canned fruits and vegetables, relied on their gardens, and froze meat for the winter. As a result, they relied less on packaged goods.

#6 – Fix Clothing So It Lasts Longer

If you have a pair of jeans with a hole in the knee or a shirt that’s missing a button or two, your first reaction may be to toss them out. But, in the old days, they would break out the sewing kit and patch them up, thus extending their value and wearability exponentially.

#7 – Grow Your Own Garden

A home garden was a common fixture in many yards because they provided a cost-effective means of feeding a family fresh, wholesome foods throughout the year. Simply growing your own garden provides you with safe, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, plenty of exercise, a significant cost savings, and a priceless amount of pride and satisfaction. And just wait until you taste the difference between a fresh-from-the-garden tomato and your store bought varieties.

#8 – Eat a Dinner of Leftovers

In most American homes, one nightly dinner consisted of the leftovers of the others. This greatly reduced waste while extending the home’s groceries. While today’s teens may balk at the thought of eating leftovers, doing so is a valuable way to instill some eco-responsibility and financial responsibility.

#9 – Teach Your Children Well

Like the old song says, “Teach your children well,” and by this, we mean share with them the wise nature of your grandparents. Teach them how to sew, how to cook and bake, how to care properly for their things, how to grow and tend a garden, etc. Doing so will not only make them more productive, healthier, and happier adults, but they will continue the job of caring for the Earth in the most responsible way possible.

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