6 Safe Travel Tips for Seniors

With summer upon us, families will begin planning their vacations. For many, this means taking special consideration for their aging parents when traveling with others or alone. To help your parent’s trip go off without a hitch, try following these six safe travel tips for seniors courtesy of the Marshes of Skidaway Island retirement homes in Savannah.

#1: Plan Ahead

Every vacation or trip should be planned in advance, but when you’re traveling with a senior, it takes on even greater importance. Whether you are flying, taking the train, or driving, do your research to find the most direct travel routes to your destination and the shortest travel times.

#2: Request/Reserve Special Services

If your loved one is disabled or needs to follow a strict diet, request and reserve special services in advance at the airport. Doing so will help ensure that your loved one has wheelchair service and is seated in the appropriate part of the plane and that they get the meal they need. If you wait until you arrive to request these services, the airline may not be able to provide them.

#3: Gather and Prepare Documentation

When traveling with seniors, it is important that you have all of their important documentation with you at all times. Apply for their passport at least three to six months before your trip and request copies of all of their prescriptions from their doctors.

Make four photocopy sets of their passport, driver’s license, Medicare and insurance cards, travel tickets and boarding pass, as well as their prescriptions. Put one set in your parent’s carry-on bag, one set in their checked luggage, send one set to any family members who live at your arrival destination, and leave one complete set at home.

#4: Pack Light

Seniors should aim to pack as light as possible to make their travels easier. Ideally, everything should fit within one piece of checked luggage and one carry-on. Place all prescription and over-the-counter medications in a zip-lock freezer bag. If your parent is bringing gifts, pack them in the checked-in luggage and leave the items unwrapped.

#5: Set Medication Reminders

It can be easy for your parent to forget about taking their medications when traveling, especially when they are traveling alone. Therefore, set their smartphone alarms or their watch alarm to notify them when their dose is due.

#6: Prepare Those at the Destination for Your Parents’ Needs

If your parent is traveling alone to visit other family members, make sure you reach out to them in advance so they can be prepared to provide the proper care to your parent when they arrive. Let them know all about your parent’s medication needs and any other special needs, such as their diet. This will make sure that your parent is not only more comfortable but taken care of.

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