Top 10 Social Media Safety Tips

Social media makes it possible to share photos, stories, and information quicker and easier than any other type of communication. As such, it is quickly becoming accepted by older adults living in retirement communities in Savannah.

Today’s active adults are Internet-savvy and thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media sites, they can easily keep up with family and friends. However, Internet thieves are also aware of the growing numbers of seniors using social media. As a result, there are risks involved.

How to Use Social Media Safely

If you are a caregiver and your loved one wants to use social media to communicate with family and friends, here are ten social media safety tips to follow that will help reduce your loved one’s risk.

  1. Maintain the privacy settings on all sites that your loved one visits
  2. Stay up to date on current online scams and social media phishing scams and inform your loved one about what to watch out for
  3. Inform your loved one to never open emails or attachments from people they do not know
  4. Remind your loved one to never give out their personal information, like their social security number, their banking information, or their Internet passwords
  5. Inform your loved one to never wire money to anyone who contacts them via text, phone, email, or social media
  6. Inform your loved one to avoid falling for “get rich quick” schemes (if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is)
  7. If your loved one is suspicious of something, they should always go with their gut and avoid clicking on it
  8. Don’t sign up for free trials that require your credit card because these offers usually charge the card automatically once the trial is over
  9. Instruct your loved one to avoid giving their cell phone number to solicitations as they may be unknowingly entering a text messaging service that bills monthly
  10. If your loved one is trying to get to their social media page but they are directed to another site, have them close their browser and restart to avoid a potential phishing scam

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