Retiring to the Island Life in Savannah

Retirement communities in Savannah GA are among the most popular on the east coast for a variety of reasons. From the near perfect year-round temperatures to the natural beauty of the region to the sheer abundance of amenities in and around Savannah, retirement communities like the Marshes of Skidaway Island enjoy a quality of life that’s unlike any other.

The Advantages of Island Living

Retiring to an island community places you in a community that is stronger than most mainland retirement communities. Because it is an island setting, the residents tend to have stronger ties to their friends and neighbors, especially in a setting like the Marshes, where many mainland amenities also exist on the campus grounds. This benefit means that residents only have to leave the island when they want to.

Island retirement communities are also easier to navigate. There is naturally less traffic on the island and this makes getting to and from places quicker and easier. For those living on the island, they are conveniently close to mainland attractions and amenities, but they don’t have to deal with the congestion and traffic problems that frequent those areas.

Because you’re living on an island, it is easy to relax. The weather is glorious and there are plenty of things to keep you busy. Even a short walk around the grounds presents you with eye-catching visions of natural beauty made even more alluring by the salty, sweet ocean breezes. When you retire to an island retirement community, every day feels like you’re on vacation.

Live the Life You Want at The Marshes of Skidaway Island

Although the Marshes of Skidaway Island is technically an “island,” it does offer a lifestyle that is accommodating to a wide variety of people. It is as remote and relaxing as it is engaging and fun. With our abundance of on-campus amenities, activities, and health and wellness services, our members are never left wanting more. Our island retirement community in Savannah even has its very own 24/7 on-site medical, rehab, and memory care services.

To learn more about The Marshes of Skidaway Island and all of the benefits of membership, please call us today at 800-889-6238 or request a brochure.

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