Mexican Train Tips and Tricks

Many people at Savannah Retirement Homes enjoy playing Mexican Train Dominoes. Some folks find enjoyment in this game through being able to chat with their friends. For these folks, the game is secondary to the company. However, other people are interested in the game out of a thirst for winning. If you happen to be one of these people, check out these tips and tricks for Mexican Train Dominoes.

Keep Your Train Private
Always strive to keep your train private. If you are playing to win, why would you want to give your opponents another place to put their dominoes? If your train goes public, you’ve given your opponents a leg up in the game. Only let your train go public if you truly have no other options.

Play On Your Own Private Train First
If you have different places you can place a domino, opt for your own private train first. Public trains are public because their owners have run out of options. These lack of options are good for you and bad for them. You don’t want to free up an opponent’s train for him or her.

Keep Public Trains The Same

Feel free to play on a public train if your domino will change the end of the train back to the number that caused the train to go public. This will probably keep the train public for the owner, and that gives you an advantage. Remember, you always want public trains to stay the same.

Use Doubles To Your Advantage
As the game draws to a close, consider using your doubles strategically. By placing a double, you are limiting the number of dominoes that can continue the train. Since players are low on dominoes near the end of the game, this makes it hard for other players to finish that particular train. In other words, hold those double dominoes until the end! That is the point of the game where they can be played defensively.

Chat It Up

People love to play Mexican Train Dominoes for the social factor. This means you should give people a reason to talk! If you are busy chatting it up with other players, they may miss out on some key plays. This will work to your advantage in the long run!

Play Mexican Train at our Savannah Retirement Homes
Use these tips and tricks to win your next game of Mexican Train Dominoes. You just might become the champion of Savannah Retirement Homes!

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What Seniors Should Never Share on Facebook

In the last decade, social media has become a useful tool in helping seniors stay connected with their family. For widowed seniors, loneliness can be a real problem, and Facebook helps them feel involved in the day to day life of their family. While plugging into social media has enormous benefits, it is also a prominent tool used by scammers to target unsuspecting seniors. Always set up your loved one’s account to the most private settings available on Facebook and educate them on making wise decisions in what they post. Here are five things our Savannah retirement community wants seniors to know they should never share on Facebook.

1. Personal Information

Explain to your loved one how crafty scammers can be. A quick skim over someone’s account will quickly give away their birthday; couple that with Grandma’s story of the day she was born and where, and a hacker has her birthdate and birthplace. Both of these pieces of information can be used to prove an identity online.

2. Passwords

Help your loved one create a secure password that will not be easy to guess. Seniors often use a birth date or the name of a pet or loved one, but scammers looking to hack their account can find this information by digging through their profile. Be sure they understand they should never enter their password on any other page, and there will never be a legitimate pop-up asking for their password. Many click bait posts will ask for your password, and seniors often fall victim to these scams.

3. Location

Be sure the location services setting is turned off and encourage your loved one not to post their whereabouts. For “snowbirds” who travel south for the winter, or for those taking a vacation, it is of particular importance not to share their location. Doing so tells thieves that their home will be empty for a period.

4. Fake Stories from Fake People

Seniors should never accept friend requests or messages from anyone they do not know personally, and should never share posts from someone they do not know. Clickbait posts are often hoaxes that will download a virus to their computer and be used to hack their account. A good rule of thumb is if the post was not originally posted by someone you know and trust, it is best to scroll past it.

5. Family Business

Educate your loved one about the dangers of sharing photos of their grandchildren. Of course everyone wants to show off pictures of their grandchildren, but those photos may contain clues to their location such as their school, and their family member may not want them shared publicly for safety reasons.

For many seniors, Facebook maybe a bit of culture shock as they see their sweet grandchildren’s shenanigans online. Encourage your loved one to use the private messaging option rather than addressing their concerns or carrying on conversations publicly through commenting on a post. As a whole it is best to keep family matters private, especially in the case of exciting announcements. Finding out you are going to have a great grandchild is exciting, but it is best to let the parents make it “Facebook Official,” so remind your loved one not to share family news until the parties involved have.

With proper safety precautions Facebook will be an enriching experience for your loved one. Many retirement communities like The Marshes’ Savannah Retirement Community use Facebook to post announcements of events and activities their residents will be interested in, so be sure to help them plug into their social circles online!

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Tips for Sleeping Better

Not getting enough sleep can have a series impact on the physical and mental well-being of seniors. Persistent sleep problems can increase the risk of conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes or worsen chronic pain. While the general recommendation is to strive for 7-8 hours of productive sleep each night, it’s not always easy to achieve this goal. Keeping certain tips in mind before getting to bed may help improve sleep and minimize related health risks.

Stick to a Regular Schedule

The body has a natural alarm clock (circadian rhythm) that allows for a proper night’s rest that includes all of the stages of sleep, including the deeper stages when recuperative sleep occurs. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule means getting up and going to bed at roughly the same time each day. For seniors who have difficulty staying asleep, getting a mattress that’s firm enough to provide the right kind of support, sticking to a healthy diet, and staying active during the day can help.

Minimize Tossing and Turning

Excessively tossing and turning can make it difficult for seniors to get a good night’s sleep, which can lead to morning joint and muscle stiffness. Things like staring at the clock or stressing out about not being able to get in a comfortable position can also increase production of the stress hormone cortisol. Anxiety can sometimes be eased by light exercise before bed or by reading a favorite book before falling off to sleep.

Create a Comfortable Sleeping Environment

Seniors who are light sleepers can be especially affected by the way their bedroom is set up. For instance, curtains that let in too much moonlight may be distracting. Turning on the television to go to sleep should also be avoided. Further increase comfort by keeping the temperature at a level where it’s not excessively hot or cold (between 60-70 degrees is recommended).

Avoid Tech Distractions

Sometimes just having a device on a dresser or nightstand can be a distraction. Laptops should be closed and things like tablets and smartphones can be put on “sleep mode” to minimize the distracting glow. Another option is to simply turn electronic devices over or place them in a drawer or closet. The blue light from such devices reduces the production of melatonin, a hormone that controls the body’s sleep and wake patterns.

The Marshes of Skidaway Island is a Savannah life plan community in Savannah, GA, committed to improving all aspects of senior living. Contact us today for more information or schedule an appointment to visit our community.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Are you keeping up with your New Year Resolutions? The New Year offers individuals a chance to improve their lives and make every day count. Senior citizens can take advantage of this opportunity to start new habits that will help them stay physical fit and mentally sharp. The Marshes’ Savannah senior housing can help you to find the best ways to improve your life in the New Year.

Commit To Regular Exercise

Recent studies show that exercise is not only important for muscle strength and cardiovascular health; it also improves lung function, balance, mental cognition and mood. Seniors who implement a regular exercise into their day can receive these physical and mental benefits. Our Savannah senior housing offers a number of opportunities for seniors to engage in physical activities that help to keep them fit and flexible.

Start Activities That Engage Your Brain

Your brain needs exercise just as your body does, and studies show that engaging in activities that engage you brain can help to prevent decline in mental function, as well as mood problems. Crosswords puzzles, Sudoku, even card games and video games, can improve your memory and recall skills to keep you mentally sharp and interested in life.

Commit To Improving Your Diet

The New Year is a good time to look at your diet to improve your health. Most people engage in snacking habits that cause them to consume empty calories that put on excessive weight. Use the New Year to explore new snacks like yogurt, granola, new fruits you haven’t tried before and vegetable-based chips. These foods can lower your calorie intake and improve your nutrition.

Engage with Others Socially

Studies find that socializing helps seniors to stay mentally engaged and also improves their physical health. If you find that you spend more time alone as the years pass, it’s time to re-engage with others around you. We make it easy to find other people for card games, movie watching, board games or whatever activity you enjoy.

Volunteer to Help Others

When you engage in activities that help other people, you forget your own problems and complaints. You appreciate the good aspects of your life more and learn about the courage and resilience of other people. Volunteering is a way to give back for all the good in life you have, and to help others who may not be as fortunate.

These commitments for the New Year will ensure that you are engaging in positive activities that improve both your physical and your mental health, so that you can make the most of the year.

Visit The Marshes’ Savannah Senior Housing Today

At the Marshes of Skidaway Island, our community is dedicated to helping you live the best life possible. And, that commitment is seen in everything we do, from the menus in our dining halls to the programs we offer our members.

If you’re interested in visiting our Savannah retirement community, simply give us a call today at 800-889-6238 to schedule a visit. We look forward to seeing you!

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Tips for Getting More Fruits and Vegetables

Regardless of your age, eating a nutrient-dense diet packed with fresh fruits and vegetables is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. This is true whether you’re a young child or a senior citizen.

But, for a variety of reasons, many seniors simply don’t eat an adequate allotment of fresh fruits and veggies and in these cases, their diet can be working against their health. At The Marshes’ Savannah retirement communities, we take good health seriously, so here are nine easy ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.


Smoothies are a great way to really amp up your fruit and veggie intake because you can add a bunch of them in a cold and refreshing drink. Just freeze your favorite fruits and toss them in the blender in the morning along with some spinach, kale, or other leafy greens. You can even add Greek yogurt for a splash of protein and gut-healing probiotics.

Portion Control

Every time you sit down to eat a meal, half of your plate should be taken up by vegetables and/or fruits. The other half should be comprised of whole grains and proteins.

Try Vegan Alternatives

Research shows us that red meat isn’t the healthiest option, especially for seniors. But, there are plenty of vegan alternatives out there that will give you the protein you need without compromising flavor. You can even head to your local library and take out a vegan cookbook for a wealth of tasty recipes.

Stock Up on Frozen and Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and veggies are best, but when you’re in a pinch frozen or canned varieties are better than nothing. So, stock up your freezer and cupboards with your favorite fruits and vegetables so you always have at least something on hand for dinner.

Replace Your Salty Snacks

Salty snacks are tasty, but they’re also addictive and too much salt can be dangerous. So, replace your salty snacks with crunchy fruits like apples, pears, celery sticks, carrots, and red bell peppers. Your crunch craving will be cured and you can eat as much as you want.

Try Something Different

If you’re having a big bowl of spaghetti for dinner, swap out the pasta noodles with spaghetti squash. If you’re making pizza, replace the usual dough with a cauliflower or broccoli crust. There are dozens of ways you can transform your favorite dishes into something healthier using vegetables, so why not try it?

Up the Color

A colorful plate of fruits and vegetables is not only visually appealing, it’s packed full of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. So, heap your plate full of red, blue, purple, orange, and yellow foods and you’ll eat more and keep yourself healthy at the same time.

Have Fruit for Dessert

If you like having something sweet after dinner, don’t go for the ice cream, cookies, or cakes. Instead, have a bowl of grapes, some apple slices, or make frozen popsicles using fresh juice.

Add Fruits and Vegetables When Necessary

If you’re eating a microwavable dinner, it’s not exactly the healthiest thing for you, especially because it hardly contains any vegetables. So, when you’re in a pinch and you’re stuck having a less than healthy dinner, supplement the meal by adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your plate. Remember, you can never eat too many fresh vegetables, so stock up!

Schedule Your Visit to The Marshes’ Savannah Retirement Communities

If you’re getting ready to retire, then now is the perfect time to schedule a visit to The Marshes of Skidaway Island, one of the most luxurious Savannah retirement communities. At the Marshes of Skidaway Island, our community is dedicated to helping you live the best life possible. And, that commitment is seen in everything we do, from the menus in our dining halls to the programs we offer our members.

If you’re interested in visiting our Savannah retirement community, simply give us a call today at 800-889-6238 to schedule a visit. We look forward to seeing you!

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Perfect Gift Ideas for Seniors

The holidays are a special time of year when seniors feel young again. It is not only a time of year when memories are rekindled and families come together, it is just a lighthearted season that’s made even more fun by the sharing of gifts.

If you have a senior on your holiday gift list this year and you’re unsure what to get them, don’t worry – The Marshes Savannah senior living community has a list of gift ideas that every senior will appreciate. Here are ten gift ideas for seniors that you just can’t wrong with.


Getting older isn’t always easy, especially for a senior who loves to read, but whose eyesight is starting to become strained. For this individual, getting them a subscription to Audible is a wonderful idea. Audible is the world-leading service for audiobooks and for just $14.95 per month, your loved one can enjoy a thrilling “story” per month. Other subscription tiers are also available for more voracious listeners.


Whether with their family or their friends, seniors love playing games. You can choose from old standbys like checkers, chess, playing cards and board games like Monopoly to newer digital hand-held games.

Food Gifts

Food is a gift that is appreciated by any recipient, but especially seniors. Make a gift basket of their favorites. Include some fresh fruit, some cookies, some chocolate, and some of their favorite tea or coffee. If your loved one is able to have a glass of wine every now and again, then add in a bottle of their favorite wine. Another idea is to include a gift card to a local restaurant where they can enjoy a meal out on the house.

Assistance Gifts

Can your loved one use a little extra assistance from time to time? If so, there are dozens of senior assistance gift ideas to choose from depending on their unique needs, such as:

  • Oversized TV remote or calculator
  • Magnifying glass for crafting or sewing
  • Lighted alert systems
  • Jumbo timer
  • Electric can opener or scissors
  • Jar opener
  • Extendable grabber
  • Wheelchair desk
  • Bed rails


The Gift of Yourself

As fun and exciting it is to open up gifts at holiday time, what seniors want most is to spend time with their loved ones, so the very best gift you could ever give your loved one is yourself. So, make a plan to set aside more time with your elderly loved one. Take them shopping or to a show. Clean up their apartment and help them get more organized. Take them to their next doctor’s appointment. Or, just sit and go through some old photographs. No matter what you choose to do, your loved one will consider it the very best gift they could have ever received.

Happy Holidays from The Marshes’ Savannah Independent Living Communities

At the Marshes of Skidaway Island, our community is like one big family. But, as close as our members are to one another, nothing beats being visited by family at the holidays. We urge you to take the time to visit your loved one during this special time of year. It will be guaranteed to be a visit that both of you will truly appreciate.

If you’re interested in visiting our Savannah independent living community, simply give us a call today at 800-889-6238 to schedule a visit. We look forward to seeing you. Happy Holidays from The Marshes at Skidaway Island!

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Enjoying Thanksgiving in a Senior Living Community

For many seniors living in Savannah senior living communities, the thought of being in a different living situation during the holidays might bring on a period of depression. After all, tradition is a significant part of most family holidays, especially Thanksgiving.

But, just because you’re living in a different place doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. There might be some extra planning and preparation involved, but at the end of the day, you’ll enjoy making new memories with your loved ones. Here are some helpful tips for enjoying Thanksgiving in a senior living community.

Invite Your Family to Your New Home

Most senior living communities host a range of different events around the holidays, including a festive Thanksgiving dinner. So, find out what time the festivities start and invite your loved ones to dinner. They’ll be able to see how you’re making out in your new home, meet your friends, and enjoy a wonderful dinner together.

If you’re the one visiting a loved one in a senior community, then consider bringing a favorite family dish along with you. The food will spark wonderful memories and make the gathering more special. And, be sure to bring extra so your loved one will have enough to share with their friends and the staff.

Break Out the Family Photos

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and nothing sparks a loved one’s memories better than looking through some old family photos. So, if you’re hosting Thanksgiving or you’re a guest, have some family photo books at the ready so after dinner is over, everybody can take a trip down memory lane. You’ll be delighted at just how interested the younger generation is in the family’s history and lore and how much remembering the happy times can get the family talking and laughing.

Bring the Old and Young Together

Many people think that there is a great divide between teens and seniors, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Teens want to learn from their elders and Thanksgiving is a great time to start building and enhancing these relationships. Bring the old and young together by playing games, sharing stories, and spending time over a cup of hot chocolate. This will be time well spent and long remembered.

Make It a Charitable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner in most American homes is an affluent affair. But, this is a time of year when you also think about those less fortunate. For many families, this means taking time to help out at local soup kitchens and charity food drives. If you want to enjoy one of the most fulfilling Thanksgivings of your life, spend it with your family volunteering to help others.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Marshes’ Savannah Senior Living Communities

At the Marshes of Skidaway Island, we encourage our members to invite their family members for Thanksgiving dinner. We know how important this holiday is for our members and their families, so we provide a wide array of events and services that will be sure to help you create new memories that you’ll treasure forever. We look forward to meeting your loved ones and helping you enjoy a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving at our Savannah senior living communities.

If you’re interested in visiting our life plan community, simply give us a call today at 800-889-6238 to schedule a visit. At The Marshes, you’ll be amazed at the life you’ll have after retirement.


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11 Easy Exercises for Seniors

Exercise is important for everyone, but when you start getting older, it takes on even greater importance. The problem is, when you’re feeling stiff or you’re in pain, it can be very difficult to find the motivation you need to exercise.

But, exercise doesn’t have to be exhausting or painful. For seniors, daily exercise can actually be quite simple. At The Marshes of Skidaway Island, we encourage our members to partake in daily exercise because it is instrumental in helping our members lead active and enjoyable lives. Here are 11 easy exercises for seniors that you can start adding to your daily routine today. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel!

#1: Do Squats

Improving your lower body strength is important for maintaining your balance and stability. And, an easy and effective way to increase your lower body strength is to do squats. When you start, you should use the back of a chair for support. Keep your arms out in front of you and your back straight and squat to an almost sitting position. Hold the position for a few moments and then stand back up. Repeat for two sets of ten, taking breathers when necessary. Once you start building up your muscles, you’ll be able to do your squats without the chair assist.

#2: Raise Your Arms with Resistance

To improve your upper body strength, lift hand weights above your head, hold them there for a few moments, and then bring the weights back down. Repeat for two sets of ten. The resistance of the weights will help strengthen your arms and upper body. You can also substitute resistance bands for weights if you prefer.

#3: Do Bicep Curls

As you age and your muscles start to weaken, being able to perform everyday tasks like lifting a milk jug becomes increasingly difficult. Doing simple bicep curls with light weights will help you maintain your arm strength so you can continue doing these tasks without worry. This exercise can be performed either seated or standing. With the weight at your side and your palms facing up, keep your elbows tucked in and bend your elbows to lift the weight toward your chest. Hold the position for a moment and then lower your arm slowly so you build resistance. Do two sets of ten per arm with a rest in between the sets.

#4: Do Leg Raises

Another easy exercise that can help improve lower body strength is leg raises. To do this exercise, stand behind a chair and hold on to it for balance. Lift one leg straight out to the side. Keep the leg aligned from heel to hip while keeping your back completely straight. Hold it for a moment and slowly lower the leg. Do two sets of ten reps per leg, alternating legs between sets. You can also do back leg raises following this same principle.

#5: Do Lower Body Stretches

Stretching is important for keeping your muscles limber and your joints lubricated. To do lower body stretches, stand behind a chair and use it for support. Bring one leg up behind you and grab your foot with your hand. Hold the position for about 30 seconds and then slowly lower the leg. Repeat the stretch with the other leg.

#6: Do Upper Body Stretches

To keep your upper body as loose and flexible as possible, doing upper body stretches daily is a must. To do this stretch, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms straight down at your sides. Bring both arms behind your back and grasp your hands. Gently pull your shoulders back and hold the position for 30 seconds. Slowly release and repeat.

#7: Practice Low Impact Exercises

There are several low impact exercises that seniors can practice that can provide incredible health benefits. Such practices include yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, and others.

#8: Water Aerobics

Seniors can enjoy maximum benefits from their exercises when they are performed in a swimming pool. The water adds natural resistance to every move, so simply walking around the pool offers greater results from walking the same distance down the sidewalk. Taking a water aerobics class isn’t just great for your health, it’s also fun and you can do it with your friends.

#9: Do Toe and Chair Stands

While standing behind a chair, hold onto the chair for support and lift yourself up onto your toes while keeping your body nice and straight. Hold the position for a few seconds and then slowly bring your heels back down to the floor. Repeat the exercise for two sets of ten reps.

#10: Do Practice Pushups

Doing traditional pushups is hard even for those who exercise regularly. But, you can still reap the same benefits without the difficulty simply by modifying the exercise into something more senior-friendly. These “practice” pushups are performed while standing up. Stand arm’s length from a wall and perform your pushups against the wall just as you would if you were doing them on the ground. Do two sets of ten with a rest in between the sets.

#11: Do Aerobics

Aerobics have long been a favorite exercise for seniors and it’s not hard to see why. This low impact form of exercise is excellent for helping seniors burn calories, improve endurance and energy, and aid in maintaining excellent health. Aerobics is great for heart health, for joints, for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and for just staying healthy.

Interested in Savannah Senior Housing? Plan a Visit to The Marshes

The Marshes of Skidaway Island is an active and vibrant Savannah senior housing community where like-minded seniors can enjoy an unparalleled quality of life on a lush, beautifully maintained resort-like campus. If you want to enjoy your retirement years in a fun and supportive environment where health and wellness are at the forefront of what we do, then do yourself a favor and plan a visit to The Marshes.

If you’re interested in visiting our life plan community, simply give us a call today at 800-889-6238 to schedule a visit. At The Marshes, you really can live the life you have always dreamed about living after retirement.

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10 Best Attractions in Savannah GA

There are plenty of reasons why so many people choose to move to Savannah retirement communities when they reach the point of retirement. From the heavenly year-round climate to the exciting restaurant scene to the abundance of shopping, there is so much to experience in the Savannah area that life here never gets boring.

Of course, Savannah is also home to a tremendous array of attractions that can make living here even more exciting, interesting, and satisfying. Here are ten of the very best attractions in Savannah GA to look forward to.

#1: Savannah’s Food Scene

Although it’s not actually an “attraction” in the sense of a landmark or theme park, the food scene in Savannah is certainly a major fixture within the community. And, there are dozens of Foodie Tours throughout the city where you can get a taste of Savannah’s culinary heritage as well as its future. It’s a great way to enjoy a day out.

#2: Savannah Riverfront

The Savannah Riverfront is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike because it features some of the best antique shops in the city. The Riverfront area includes River Street, Factors Walk, Bay Street, and Hutchinson Island. And, its cobblestone-and brick-lined streets and century-old buildings provide a peek into Savannah’s past. The Oglethorpe Landing monument is also located here and on Hutchinson Island, which is accessible via the ferry service or the Talmadge Bridge, is where you’ll find even more restaurants and shops.

#3: Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Whether you’re religious or you just love gothic architecture, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is a must-see. The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was built in 1799, making it the oldest Catholic Church in Georgia. It is also the Mother Church of the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Savannah. From its impressive twin spires to its 1904 stained-glass windows from Austria to its large carved wooden Stations of the Cross from Munich, Germany to its 2,081-lb Noack pipe organ, this cathedral is as visually stunning as it is enlightening.

#4: Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah has a lot to offer to history buffs and one of its star attractions in Bonaventure Cemetery, which for more than 150 years has captured the imagination of writers, poets, photographers, and filmmakers. The nearly 100-acre grounds became a public cemetery in 1907 and since then, it has become the final resting place of many of Savannah’s more prominent residents. The cemetery is so revered; it was named to the National Registry of Historic Places in 2001.

#5: Telfair Museums

Savannah’s Telfair Museums feature three unique art venues. The Telfair Academy is the oldest public art museum in the South and it contains an awe-inspiring collection of 19th and 20th-century paintings and sculptures. The Jepson Center, a modern art museum, is located across the street and it has a permanent collection of paintings by such artists such as Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and Roy Lichtenstein as well as the child-friendly ArtZeum gallery. The third venue is the Owens-Thomas House, an early 19th-century mansion that was converted into museum. It houses one of Savannah’s most esteemed decorative arts collections.

#6: Fort Pulaski National Monument

Another one for the history buffs, the Fort Pulaski National Monument commemorates the 19th century Confederate Army fort. Construction of the fort ran from 1827 to 1847 and it was overseen by, future Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. The fort eventually was taken by the Union Army and it served as a Union prison, one time holding more than 500 Confederate prisoners, who came to be known as the “immortal 600.”

#7: Savannah Carriage Tours

There’s no better way to see and experience the beauty of Savannah than by carriage. This time-honored tradition allows you to sit back and relax to gentle sway of the carriage and the clip-clop of horses’ hooves, all while your coachman spins tantalizing tales about the city proper.

#8: Tybee Island Beach

Tybee Island was once known as the “playground of the southeast.” And, with its beautiful landscape, soft sands, mild waves, and a host of restaurants, shops, and other amenities, it’s not hard to see why. Tybee Lighthouse is a photographer’s dream and the Tybee Marine Science Center and the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum are two standout attractions on the island. The island also plays host to several family-friendly festivals throughout the year, like the Beach Bum Parade and the Pirates Fest.

#9: Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is a 30-acre park just off the Historic District. This is where you’ll find the most photographed attraction in all of Savannah, the famous two-tiered, white cast-iron fountain which was featured in the film, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” The park also hosts a farmer’s market on Saturdays, two playgrounds for kids, and a café for enjoying breakfast or lunch.

#10: Savannah’s Squares

Savannah’s Squares is a network of 24 squares, which are actually 24 beautiful parks throughout the city that are famous for their canopies of live oaks, dogwoods, and magnolias and their monuments. Johnson Square is the oldest, built by Gen. James Oglethorpe in 1733. It is home to the monument to Revolutionary War hero Gen. Nathanael Greene, who was actually re-buried under the obelisk in 1901. In Wright Square, you’ll find the burial site of Tomochichi, a leader of the Creek nation and ally of Oglethorpe. Whether you visit them one at a time or you take a tour of them in one venture, Savannah’s Squares offer an experience that you won’t soon forget.

If You’re Looking at Savannah Retirement Communities, Visit The Marshes

If you are looking at Savannah retirement communities for yourself or a loved one, then do yourself a favor and visit The Marshes of Skidaway Island. Our resort-like campus is situated right off the coast of Savannah and all throughout the year, we offer our residents plenty of opportunities to take in the sights and attractions of Savannah and its surrounding cities.

If you’re interested in visiting our life plan community, simply give us a call today at 800-889-6238 to schedule a visit. At The Marshes, you can live the relaxing life you have always dreamed about.

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Top 5 Superfoods for Seniors

Studies have proven for years that inflammation is one of the largest contributors to the development of chronic diseases. And, for many seniors who suffer from such diseases, they often tend to become resigned to the fact that they have them. But, there are things you can do to not only reduce your inflammation, but actually improve your resistance to chronic diseases and it all begins with your diet.

Here is a list of the top five superfoods that seniors should try to include more into their diets. Studies suggest that doing so will have profoundly positive effects on the level of inflammation in your body.

#1: Anti-Inflammatory Herbs and Spices

savannah retirement community

For centuries, all around the world, cultures have turned to herbs and spices to help all manner of maladies, including inflammation. In particular, garlic. Garlic is considered nature’s most effective immune system booster. It is not only antibiotic; it is also anti-inflammatory. Other herbs and spices to include into your diet more prominently include ginger, rosemary, cinnamon, cloves, oregano, marjoram, and Jamaican all-spice.

#2: Foods High in Omega-3 Fatty Acidssavannah retirement community

Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help reduce inflammation as well as prevent everything from heart disease to cancer. Omega-3 fatty acids are also exceptionally good for those suffering from arthritis. Therefore, the foods every senior should add to their diet include flax seed and its oil, avocados, walnuts, and fatty fish like salmon and sardines.

#3: Anti-Inflammatory Grainsbrown rice

Inflammation is commonly triggered by spikes in the body’s blood sugar. Therefore, it’s important to eat foods that are as minimally processed as possible. For instance, grains like brown rice, quinoa, and steel-cut oats or barley are very good picks because they don’t cause spikes in blood sugar. But, stay away from fast cooking brown rice and “quick” oats as these products have been processed and therefore, they don’t offer the same anti-inflammatory benefits of non-processed grains.

#4: Anti-Inflammatory LegumesCSIRO_ScienceImage_3224_Pulses_and_legumes

Certain legumes, or beans and peas, are highly effective anti-inflammatory foods and they’re packed with muscle-building protein. For the best results, you’ll want to add garbanzo beans, kidney beans, lentils, black beans, peanuts, and adzuki to your diet (as long as you’re not allergic).

#5: Anti-Inflammatory Cruciferous Vegetablessavannah retirement community

You just can’t have enough vegetables in your diet, but some are higher in polyphenols, making them more effective for lowering inflammation in the body. These include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, beet root, and sweet potatoes. In fact, any cruciferous vegetable will fight off inflammation.

Visit The Marshes’ Savannah Retirement Community and Try Our Dining Hall 

Upon first glance, the Marshes of Skidaway Island Savannah retirement community looks like a luxurious vacation resort. But, take a closer look and you’ll see that it is perfectly situated to meet the needs of all of our senior members. From luxury homes and apartments to our exercise facilities to our community dining hall, everything here is designed to meet the needs of you or your loved one.

If you’re interested in visiting our gorgeous campus, simply give us a call today at 800-889-6238 to schedule a visit. At The Marshes, we’re serious about improving the health and wellness of our members while providing them with an exceptional quality of life, a healthy nutrient-rich diet, and a vacation-like lifestyle.

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